Our ESG Management

We advocate for and adhere to the philosophy of responsible and sustainable development. To this end, we strive to operate in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner and incorporate ESG considerations into all aspects of our business.

Our ESG Strategy

Our ESG strategy is built on five pillars: Governance, Environment, Employees, Products and Services, and Community, which aims to help develop our ESG capability and ensures that ESG factors are part of our business operations and decision making. We will promote the five pillars through an open mindset of innovation, active communication and engagement.



ESG Rating



Top-tier ranking under Interactive Media & Services industry



Better than or equal to about 95% of peer companies based on the latest assessment on 2023.

ESG Indices

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  • A constituent of Dow Jones Sustainability World Index;
  • A constituent of Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index