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Company Profile

Founded in 2014, BOSS Zhipin is now the largest online recruitment platform in China in terms of average MAU. We are a pioneer in introducing a disruptive model which is transforming China’s online recruitment industry – the Direct Recruitment Model. Our mobile-native product promotes instant direct chats between Bosses and job seekers, delivers accurate recommendation results, and is powered by proprietary AI algorithms and big data insights.

We connect job seekers and enterprise users in an efficient and seamless manner mainly through our highly interactive BOSS Zhipin mobile app, create a vibrant platform covering all kinds of jobseekers (white and gold collar, blue collar and colleague students) and enterprise users (incl. Bosses and recruiting professionals) from various industries within different size of enterprises.

Our operating philosophy highly respects job seekers, and we are committed to empowering them by giving them more say in the recruitment process. We are relentlessly focused on enhancing user experience by delivering efficient, intuitive and convenient experience to them throughout the recruitment cycle. Our unique model, strong technology capability as well as massive data accumulated pave the way for us to build sustainable advantage in the industry and will continue to drive our strong growth at scale.

Why BOSS Zhipin

Why BOSS Zhipin Challenges Facing Our Industry
  • Limited functionality beyond one-way information flow through submission and downloading of resumes.
  • Unevenly traffic distribution through search-based model, leaving the vast majority of average job seekers and SMEs underserved.
  • Inability to attract Bosses at scale stemming from the inefficiencies.


Redefine every individual’s career development with technology

and a passion towards delivering user satisfaction,

by optimizing efficiency, equality and choice.